7 Lazy Ways to Lose Weight

Is it possible to be lazy and still lose weight?

I like to think so.

It may not be the fastest or most efficient way to lose weight. But I know we all get busy sometimes. We don’t always have time to make extravagant meals, exercise or count calories.

Besides, who can deny that losing weight the lazy way is oddly—and slightly guiltily— satisfying?

Drink more water

Lazy weight loss: drink LOTS of water. Don't eat when you're thirsty.

Drinking more water is an easy way to curb your appetite and lose weight.

Drinking water is simple. Just make sure you always have a trusty water bottle at your side.

I find it helpful to carry a 1-liter water bottle. I find this size better than a 16-ounce water bottle or a gallon jug. A 1-liter water bottle is small enough to carry around. It also makes for easy counting and fewer fill-ups per day.

Drinking water helps you lose weight in two ways:

1. It deters you from eating when you’re not hungry.

I’ve noticed that I eat more on days when I drink less water. This may be because I confuse my hunger with thirst. This is common and happens to many people. Instead of drinking water, we snack.  Learn the difference between hunger and thirst by being hydrated.

Most people don’t drink enough water. It’s recommended that women drink 4-7 cups of water per day. Minimum. You’ll have increased benefits if you go over the minimum. My goal is to drink 2 liters (8 cups!) of healthy liquid per day.

2. It fills you up so you eat less.

If you drink a glass of water before a meal, the water will help fill you up without providing calories. It adds volume to your stomach (and to your meal) without providing added calories to your plate.

I’ve gone from being obese to healthy through diet change. The last 15 pounds is hard to shed, though. Yet drinking water has helped me start to lose my last bit of fat. Since I started drinking 2 liters of water per day, I’ve noticed that my pants are starting to fit looser and I don’t need to eat as much to feel full.

Have trouble drinking water? Try unsweetened tea instead.

Use smaller plates

Lazy weight loss: use smaller plates.

Plates and portion sizes are the biggest they’ve ever been.

Giant plates and serving bowls make portion control difficult. Giving yourself proper portion sizes is easier if you use smaller plates and serving dishes.

It makes sense to use dinner plates for meal times. But that doesn’t mean you have to. Instead of using the biggest plate for meals, use the next plate down instead.

I eat my main meals on dessert plates. Not regular dinner plates. Overall, it makes you think you’ve eaten more than you have. You’ll think to yourself, “I’ve already eaten two plates of food. I should stop.”

Another way smaller plates help with weight loss is less or no leftover food on the plate. When you use smaller plates, you don’t put more food on your plate than you can actually eat. This was really important for me because I come from a background of always finishing my plate.

Now that I use smaller plates, I usually need a second helping to feel full.

Eat a salad

Lazy weight loss: eat salads, raw fruits and veggies before your meal.

Or an apple.

Eating a salad or another raw fruit or vegetable component before a main meal is a great way to lazily lose weight. Salads, fruits and vegetables are all full of nutrition, fiber and water. They’re bulky without being full of calories.

Studies show that you eat fewer calories during a meal when you eat a salad or apple first. This is because the fresh fruits or vegetables take up lots of volume. It leaves less space in your stomach for foods that have more calories, like starches and meat.

Since there’s a limit to the volume of food we can consume, eating more food that is light in calories and less food that is heavy in calories makes us lose weight.

Eat mono meals

Lazy weight loss: eat mono meals of healthy, high carb foods

Do you eat junk food and takeout when you’re too lazy to cook?

Not anymore. Eating mono meals is an easy way to lose weight because it requires minimal food preparation. Sometimes it requires none.

A mono meal is a meal in which you eat only one type of food at a time. This food should be high in carbohydrates and wholesome. It could be potatoes, bananas or wholegrain pasta. Not steak, eggs or white pasta.

When you eat meals that aren’t full of variation, you get used to eating the same flavor over and over again. It still tastes good. You just won’t get excited the way you do during the first few bites. You aren’t tempted to have more of a certain component of your meal because there’s only one flavor.

Another reason mono meals work is because they’re wholesome. They can’t be full of added salt, sugar or fat.

Like a wide variation of flavors, these stimulants encourage us to eat more than we should. When we take them away, we realize when we’re full and stop eating.

Don’t worry about nutritional deficiencies in mono meals. Both bananas and potatoes are nutritious enough to eat exclusively for extended periods. If you choose to eat a lot of mono meals in a row, eat an assortment of foods over the course of your day and week.

Get a hobby

Lazy weight loss: don't eat when you're not hungry. Get a hobby

Are you an emotional or bored eater? Instead of grabbing a bag of chips when you’re bored, get a hobby.

Selecting a sport as a hobby can be extremely beneficial towards achieving your weight loss goals. Any hobby will do. Singing, knitting or painting will all deter you from eating when you get bored.

Don’t indulge in your favorite meals

It’s important to enjoy the food you eat, even if you want to lose weight.  However, enjoying food too much leads to overeating. Not helpful if you want to lose weight.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t eat things that taste good. But stay away from eating your favorite meals all the time. Eating our favorite meals makes us want to eat more, for the wrong reason.

When losing weight, you need to eat to nourish yourself and satisfy your hunger. It’s okay to enjoy the food you eat, but don’t eat just for the sake of enjoyment.

Paint your dining room blue

Lazy weight loss: paint your room blue. It can make you eat less.

Though it’s odd, studies show that the color blue suppresses our appetite.

Why? We don’t associate blue with food. There are a handful of foods that are naturally blue. Our brains are wired to view blue food as unsafe or toxic. This instinctual aversion to blue food bleeds over into our surroundings as well.

You have a few options in this case. You could paint your kitchen blue. It’ll be a fun activity that deters you from eating when bored.

If a blue kitchen doesn’t sound appealing, you can replace your plates with blue plates. You’ll see the blue color as you eat, so the psychology still works.

When possible, avoid eating in red or yellow environments. They tend to have the opposite effect of blue.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a hassle

Now you see, losing weight doesn’t require hours at the gym, calorie counting or starvation diets.

What makes the biggest difference to weight loss? Small changes. Small changes to your life gradually add up to big differences.

Of course, the most effective way to lose weight is to alter your lifestyle. Include more fruit into your meals. Take a stroll around the neighborhood every now and then. Add some beans to your meals. In general, just eat healthier and be more active.

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Sara Binde

Sara is a health and nutrition coach. She advocates for a whole foods plant-based lifestyle and teaches the world how to achieve weight loss.