Carob Cherub: What does it mean?

When you first hear the phrase Carob Cherub, what comes to mind? It’s surely an odd combination of words and some people may not be familiar with the meaning of either. So first I will break down the phrase and name of this website into the two separate words: carob and cherub.

Carob fruit pods on the carob tree

Carob is a fruit that grows on the carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua). The tree produces pods which can be ground into powder and used as a substitute for cocoa powder and/or chocolate. Carob can be used in recipes where cocoa powder or cacao powder would generally be used. Cacao and cocoa (both derived from the same plant) contain the stimulant theobromine while carob does not. This will come up later.

According to the dictionary, cherub is a noun that means “a celestial being”. Cherubs are innocent angels or beings.

Now, put the two together. Basically, we have “chocolate angel”. The one aspect of this literal translation I would like to emphasize is the pairing of chocolate, typically an unhealthy and guilty pleasure food, with the innocent word angel. This signifies that I am attempting to remove the guilt from foods that are typically thought to be unhealthy and forbidden. Angels are usually thought to be virtuous; health is also viewed as virtuous.

The reason I mentioned carob doesn’t contain the stimulant theobromine is because theobromine is an addictive stimulant, similar to caffeine. This too signifies that delicious foods that are typically thought to be unhealthy (and addicting) isn’t required to be so. It is not necessary to sacrifice health for delicious food.

Raw Carrot Cake Balls

Doesn’t this look mouth-watering?

The last thing to point out is the rhyme of the two words. Sure, the website could be named Chocolate Angel, but it’s not as catchy. Carob Cherub is interesting and makes people desire more information on Carob Cherub. I also believe the literal name would give people the wrong impression that I consume large amounts of chocolate.

Overall, Carob Cherub is about removing the unhealthiness from stereotypical unhealthy foods and allow individuals to consume delicious food without the guilt. In the end, I believe that delicious food doesn’t necessitate compromised health and nutritious food doesn’t need to compromise taste.