Don’t Deny the Facts, It’s Bad for your Health

Humans like to deny the facts.

Argue until your face turns blue, but choosing not to accept supporting scientific evidence doesn’t invalidate the claim.

There’s enormous conflicting evidence on the Internet about what health is. Like:

How do we discern what’s healthy and what’s not when there’s one article making one claim, then another refuting said claim?

Trust the science

Trust the studies that are funded without ulterior motives to prove a claim.

Don’t trust studies that already have an idea for what the results should be.

Trust the consensus of experts.Red meat consumption is associated with many chronic diseases

Many nutritionists may not recommend a plant-based diet, but reliable nutritionists will tell you to increase consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grains (a.k.a. plants). They’ll recommend decreasing consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol (a.k.a. animal products).

Registered dietitians agree consuming large amounts of fruits and vegetables is beneficial. Few reputable nutritional specialists would encourage an individual to consume more dairy, meat or eggs.

The message of health is consistent among reputable nutritionists and health organizations. It’s corporate monetary interests and media that’s befuddling messages.

While individuals debate on finer less important details, health boards across the world irrefutably agree: eat high carbohydrate diets packed with whole plant foods.

Trust your body

Anecdotal evidence isn’t the most reliable. But there’s no denying what makes you feel on top of the world.

Your body will almost always tell you when something is wrong:

  • When you’ve contracted a virus, you feel sick.
  • Scurvy develops from lack of Vitamin C.
  • If you break your leg, it hurts like hell.
  • Hunger pain ensues when you need food.
  • Your body functions more effectively when it’s fed wholesome plant foods.

As one new explorer transitioning to a healthy plant based diet puts it:

I am learning that my body functions more efficiently on a vegetarian diet. I’ve learned that fueling my body with foods that are high in vitamins, minerals and low in the ‘not good for you’ fats is so good!

I too feel joyful and energetic when I eat a diet full of nutrients, fiber and carbohydrates. When I eat foods that are highly refined, loaded with fat and nutritionally insufficient, I don’t feel as vibrant.

When do you feel your worst?

Couple of vegan Christmas trifles in glasses

Instead of chowing down something you’ll regret, try a more healthful sweet like this Vegan Christmas Trifle

After the high has subsided from eating four slices of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving or ten cookies on Christmas Eve, you likely aren’t so lively.

You feel regret. It has happened to me, and I know you’ve experienced it as well.

When do you feel your best?

Blueberry smoothie = easy healthy eating

I feel my best when I drink lots of smoothies

I feel my best after eating an extremely nutritious meal. Like a filling berry-banana smoothie.

You probably feel fantastic after you’ve eaten a healthy meal.

No, I’m not talking about eating that salad that leaves you angrily hungry. I’m talking about actual healthy food.

Many people feel emotionally healthy after a nutritious meal. They’re proud of themselves too. They’re experiencing what proper nutrition feels like.

The folly of humans without reason

Unfortunately, ignoring facts is a habit humans have.

It’s a method to maintain a current belief or ideology when confronted with evidence that otherwise contradicts their worldview. Humans are animals of habit. We don’t like to alter them.

But one wonderful characteristic of being a human is that we can use the organ in our head called the brain to reason. We can employ reasoning instead of impulses to decide values and take action.

Don’t be like the ostrich. Stop sticking your head in the sand.

Be a rational human and face the truth.

  • Updated a couple of years ago
Sara Binde

Sara is a health and nutrition coach. She advocates for a whole foods plant-based lifestyle and teaches the world how to achieve weight loss.