Eat to Live

One of the biggest problems individuals have in regards to eating is they don’t eat to nourish their body.

Too many people have different motives for consuming food than for what it was originally designed. An overwhelming number of people eat out of politeness, out of boredom, for pleasure, etc. The purpose of eating is to provide energy and nutrients to the body.

Western society has the first but not the second motive. Without the combination of these two motives to consume food, western nations (such as the USA) have become disease-ridden, overweight and obese. Only when we combine need for calories and need for nutrients into our diet can society become healthy once again.

Foods that are commonly consumed in modern society are not conducive to create healthy individuals but in fact sick individuals. Foods such as crackers, chips, cake and other sweets are made with the intent to make money. Even foods that are thought to be healthy such as cereals, bagels, energy bars and eggs are just marketed to be healthy, not actually to promote health and wellness.

Companies trick consumers into concluding foods are healthy by adding phrases such as “no added sugars”, “made with whole grains”, “low fat”, “fat free”, “all natural” and “no calories” to the packaging. Almost all of the processed food producers have one goal: to get consumers addicted and generate profit. Producers of processed foods rarely (if ever!) consider health.

Rather, they focus energy on what will sell more and create the highest level of demand. Foods don’t need to be nutritious to be sold as long as they are addicting and enjoyable to eat. One of that fallacies that I have seen people believe is that foods cannot be sold if they aren’t healthy.

Addicting you ask? Yes.

The public is addicted to its Coca-Cola and its Pasta-roni, its Lucky Charms, Starbucks, Laughing Cow cheese spread, French fries and Red Bulls. If it’s not one addiction, it’s another or a combination of them. The added sugar. The fat. The salt. The caffeine. The mentioned addictions in addition to convenience keep society hooked on unhealthy products, making it nearly impossible to say no to them.

One crucial goal to complete in order to eat healthier is to rid yourself of your food addictions. After food addictions have been eradicated one can begin choosing foods in a more rational way. Instead of just flavor, nutrients and minerals as well as overall healthfulness can be considered when making dietary choices. In order to be healthy, we cannot simply eat for enjoyment, boredom, taste or peer pressure. We need to eat to live.

In encourage you to check out Dr. Fuhrman’s book, Eat to Live, to learn what his strategy is to a healthy life. Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss can educate you about how food manufacturers operate and their strategies to get you addicted to salt, sugar and fat.

  • Updated 3 years ago
Sara Binde

Sara is a health and nutrition coach. She advocates for a whole foods plant-based lifestyle and teaches the world how to achieve weight loss.