10 Bootcamp Style Workout Ideas to Try (Guest Post)

You don’t need to hit the gym to work out. Try one or more of these 10 bootcamp style workout ideas at home or outdoors. They’re beginner friendly and can be done in groups or alone. Click through to be inspired.
Thanks to Shawn Clark for the Guest Post.

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How Do I Not Blame Myself for Everything?

I used to blame myself for everything. I blamed myself the most for being fat.

Blaming myself for everything was destroying life. I finally learned how to stop blaming and start living happily. Learn how.

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Why Eating Home Cooked Meals is Healthier Than Dining Out (Guest Post)

Your guest writer today, Amanda Wilks, is talking about why eating home cooked meals is healthier than eating out. Eating out is tempting, but I hope you’re also tempted by her reasons to cook at home. I sure am! There’s a painful, unending appeal to eating outside of the house. Average lives involve more work,…

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  • 6 months ago

The Effect Of (Clean) Drinking Water on Your Health (Guest Post)

This guest article is by Gene Fitzgerald. He’s explaining the benefits of drinking healthy fluids and clean drinking water. I’m excited about today’s post because water is such an important part of maintaining a healthy body and weight. It’s also a huge part of weight loss. This article is all about water – drinking water…

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  • Updated 7 months ago

Start Here to Lose Weight! Answers to your top plant-based weight loss questions

Do you have basic questions about how to lose weight? Get them answered in this blog post!

Questions covered are:
1. What should (or shouldn’t) I eat and drink to lose weight?
2. Should I cut out my favorite foods, alcohol, sweets and unhealthy foods to lose weight? Can or should I have cheat days?
3. I am having trouble losing those 10 extra pounds on a plant-based diet. What am I doing wrong?
4. Which food is the biggest contributor to weight gain? How do I cut it out?
5. Could plant milks (and juices) be showing down my weight loss?
6. I’ve heard rumors that too many smoothies can be bad for weight loss. Is this true?
7. What’s your perspective on calorie restriction?

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  • Updated a few months ago

How to Transition to a Plant-Based Diet Effortlessly (Guest Post)

Your guest poster, Tyler Read, has hands-on experience with transitioning to a plant-based diet. It took him almost 4 months to do it and claims it was ‘quite an experience’. If he were to do it again he’d have a more educated approach, which would make the process so much easier. Dieting has been and will always…

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  • Updated 9 months ago

Strategies to Stop Overeating You Can Start Using Today

Zofia came to me with a question: What changed for you to crave more than your body needed?

Essentially, she wanted to know how to stop overeating and lose weight.

Losing weight isn’t just about eating veg*n or whole foods. You can eat 100% whole foods and still have excess weight. As Zofia put it “instead of having a bowl of rice or pudding or salad, I have three. Instead of one spoon of peanut butter, I have the entire jar…”

Have you felt the same way? If you have, it’s common. Let me tell you my 7 strategies to stop overeating.

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  • Updated 11 months ago
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