What does a model eat in a day for breakfast? Read my model food diary

Being a healthy weight is one achievement. Looking like a model is a different achievement of its own. I’ve been at a healthy weight for years. Though it’s only in the last 3-4 months that I’ve pushed myself to decrease my body fat percentage and overall fat.

Exercising is part of it, but like weight loss 80% is what you eat. See what my go-to model breakfasts are to lose that last little bit of weight and look gorgeous.

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  • Updated 5 days ago

5 Healthy Eating Habits For True Dieting Success (Guest Post)

Most people are determined transform their current eating habits into healthy eating habits. We spend our time perusing articles, following the latest fad diet and joining programs. Then, inevitably, we give it all up. Our diets are too drastic and limiting. They’re too difficult to stick to.

Make simple changes right now to achieve long-lasting weight loss. Follow my 5 strategies for healthy eating. Simple and painless advice!

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How will a nutritionist help me be healthier? Read this.

How will a nutritionist help me be healthier? What kind of advice does a holistic nutritionist (or dietitian) give? They’ll give you tips on how to improve your current diet. Some even supply recipes and/or a meal plan. Read an example of what you can expect on my blog post.

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  • a few months ago

5 Weight Loss Excuses We Use to Sabotage Ourselves

Like any long-term goal, weight loss plans can be difficult to maintain focus for the long haul. The longer you work toward your goal, the easier it is to get sidetracked.

It can be easy to make weight loss excuses and sabotage yourself. The scale tells the truth, though. Here are five weight loss excuses you might be guilty of using to sabotage your weight loss.

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The Best Blender Under 200 on Amazon: My Oster Versa Review

I’ve been a fully raw, raw ‘til 4 and a traveling, convenience-loving foodie. Though I say my favorite utensil in the kitchen is my chef’s knife, my blender comes in a close second-place. I mean, I’ve even traveled with a blender in my suitcase. I’ve been through my share of blenders, but of all the…

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13 Basic Smoothie Ingredients to Help You Make Healthy Smoothies

I’ve been drinking smoothies for breakfast for almost a year now. That means you can bet your butt my kitchen hosts an arsenal of basic smoothie ingredients.

Basic smoothie ingredients help you make energizing, tasty and satisfying smoothies quickly. With a handful of my basic smoothie ingredients, you can have a different smoothie every day of the week.

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  • a few months ago
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