Hot Chocolate Mint Protein Smoothie + Teeccino Coffee Review

This is a homemade vegan hot chocolate recipe, reinvented. This hot chocolate breakfast smoothie is flavored with Teeccino Mocha Mint herbal coffee. Medjool dates add wholesome sweetness. The black beans add protein and make the recipe thick and creamy.
The result is the easiest chocolate mint smoothie, vegan of course.

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  • 7 months ago

Guilt-Free Vegan Chocolate Pudding Recipe with TeeChia

Chocolate + breakfast + beans? You bet. You’ll love this vegan chocolate pudding recipe that’s healthy enough for breakfast. My sugar free chocolate pudding is transformed into a simple smoothie bowl with the addition of TeeChia gluten free cereal. This is the ultimate healthy breakfast for vegans… or secretly guilt-free dessert.

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  • Updated 8 months ago

Vegan Avocado and Spinach Ice Cream Recipe

Finally, spinach can be delicious. Not just tolerable, but truly tasty. How about spinach so satisfying, you want to lick the bowl clean?

I have it. Enter: Avocado and Spinach Ice Cream.

You can finally stop hating on spinach. It’s no longer a blob of green mush on your plate. You can now enjoy spinach with this guilt-free, indulgent avocado and spinach ice cream. Simple to make and 100% healthy.

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  • Updated 10 months ago

Easy Mexican Black Beans Recipe (Healthy + Gluten Free)

Everybody needs an easy Mexican black beans recipe. And I’m here to deliver one.

Break out your inner Latino with this recipe to create spicy, nutritious and mouth-watering night at home. Easy Mexican Black Beans and rice are ideal as a hassle-free main meal.¡Olé!

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  • Updated last year

Fresh Indian Whole Wheat Roti Recipe (sourdough)

Love Indian food? Make it even healthier by serving your next delicious curry on this whole wheat roti instead.

Move over white flour and oil. Whole wheat sourdough roti is here.

You’ll love this recipe because it’s 100% whole grain, simple and versatile. Plus, sourdough!

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  • Updated 11 months ago

Easy Homemade Barley and Baked Bean Recipe (Vegan)

Enjoy homemade vegetarian baked beans without the added salt, sugar and bacon! These healthy, no-bake baked beans made from scratch are the best! This easy recipe will be your favorite side to pair with your best veggie burger for a long time.

You’ll love this recipe because it’s perfectly sweet, homemade and full of fiber.

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  • Updated last year
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