The First Issue of Carob Cherub Magazine

Welcome to A New World of Health

Dear Reader,

I’m Sara, a health and nutrition writer, and writer of Carob Cherub Magazine. I live and breathe health, food and nutrition. I love learning and sharing knowledge about healthy eating and well-being.

Passion for vitality and life drives me to spread the message about true health through a whole foods plant-based diet. In addition to cooking and health, I also have a passion for travel, reading and theatre. I’m glad to be able to take you on an adventure deep into scientific knowledge of well-being. I also hope we get a chance to better understand one another.

Carob Cherub Magazine is focused on spreading information on health and nutrition through five avenues:

  1. Delicious Healthy Recipes
  2. Motivational Inspiration
  3. Testimonials & Opinion Pieces
  4. Expert Health Tips
  5. Latest Nutritional Science Research

Delicious Healthy Recipes

Recipes found in Carob Cherub Magazine are all easy to prepare, healthful, economical and tasty. Eating healthy food shouldn’t be and doesn’t have to be time consuming, expensive or distasteful. The notion that healthy food has to be one or all of those three things is utterly untrue. It’s this misleading notion that prevents individuals trying healthier alternatives, since they don’t think healthy can be assimilated into their lifestyle.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help each other out. There’s always more to learn, and I’d love to share my expertise with you. Anybody can be healthy, regardless of your background, location or budget. Keep reading Carob Cherub Magazine and you’ll discover how easy it really is.

Motivational Inspiration

Inspiration will be packed in this magazine and come in many forms. A quote will be elected in each issue, providing inspiration to follow a healthier lifestyle. These will be partnered with segments of meaningful health and wellness advice.

Quotes and Foodspiration will keep you inspired to stay healthy

Foodspiration will be published to inspire you to create healthy meals that look stunningly amazing. It’ll be like food porn that you don’t have to feel guilty looking at or even remaking. You’ll also get the chance to vote for what you’d like recipes for. Each issue will feature a recipe that’s chosen by you, the reader.

Expert Tips

To help you smoothly integrate greater healthfulness into your life  be sharing tips and tricks learned from excessive experience. The tips that I’ll provide are the strategies I personally undertake to make the most of my time, money and resources, while maximizing my happiness and well-being. I sincerely hope the research we share with you will give you greater depth of insight and education on recommended food choices.Sara Binde

Ready for a Health Makeover?

This is so exciting, I can’t wait to start. So let’s begin and delve into recipes, inspiration, tips and research.

In health,
Sara Binde

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Sara Binde

Sara is a health and nutrition coach. She advocates for a whole foods plant-based lifestyle and teaches the world how to achieve weight loss.