Mini Mary Diet Days 13-15

Day Thirteen (Sept 20 2014):


For breakfast I had my Quick Breakfast Risotto, as always. I enjoy my quick breakfast risotto very much. I am a little surprised I haven’t tired of it after all this time. For lunch I had a green salad, some Beetroot Salad and plain rice. Lunch was enjoyable, too. I don’t mind eating plain rice for meals. However, I am sure it helps that I get a lot of flavor from the salad that I eat along with the rice. For supper I had plain rice topped with Hungarian mushrooms. The ingredients for Hungarian Mushrooms are: mushrooms, onion, paprika, black pepper, a little water and white wine vinegar. I simply heated everything in a fry pan until the mushrooms were cooked through. Everything today was pretty tasty.

Hungarian mushrooms over plain brown rice

Day Fourteen (Sept 21 2014):


Today I changed from eating Quick Breakfast Risotto for breakfast to eat rye cereal with apple pieces sprinkled with cinnamon. For lunch, Rob and I went on a picnic for climate change at Burleigh Heads. I had an apple and then rye sprinkled with cinnamon. I brought Splenda to sprinkle it with too, but it wasn’t needed.  I had a snack around 4. It was rye (leftover from the picnic in the container) sprinkled with cinnamon and a Splenda packet. That was intensely sweet and sugary. WOW. But yummy… For supper I ate rye-bake topped with capsicum, pepper and parsley with a side of green peas. Supper was okay, but it wasn’t quite how I expected it to work out.


Today I changed my starch from rice to rye. I did enjoy breakfast, but I think rye will be more difficult to get creative with. Rice is more diverse than rye; I have worked more with rice in the past as well. Only until recently have I started to eat rye, so I am not sure of the the different ways it can be prepared and what flavors go well with it. Rye doesn’t seem to be as diverse or as neutral as rice is. I believe that the rye will force me to be less creative and more monotonous with my dishes.

Day Fifteen (Sept 22 2014):


I ate rye cereal with 1/2 a punnet of strawberries and cinnamon for breakfast this morning. I thought about adding a sweetener, but I want to avoid added sweeteners now as much as possible. The sweetener in the Quick Breakfast Risotto may have not been all that necessary if I had just eaten it with the apple. Oh well. You live and you learn.  Lunch was an apple with baked rye. I attempted to make rye crackers by baking them, but it was a fail. They gluten didn’t release and therefore they didn’t stick together. Supper was baked carrot and rye. It wasn’t super flavorful, but it was okay. In addition to the baked carrot and rye, I also had 1-2 cups of leftover lentil hummus and some green peas.

rye cereal on top of strawberries sprinkled with cinnamon


I got pretty hungry for lunch and I was hungry before my usual time for supper. I also ate more for supper. I am not sure why I seem to eat more now. Perhaps I perceive that I am eating more because my body is adjusting to the rye. I believe that rye is less calorically dense than rice.

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