Day Six (Sept. 13 2014):


For breakfast I had the same Quick Breakfast Risotto and an apple. It tasted delicious as always. I got hungry again at approximately 10 AM. I wanted to wait for later to have lunch so I ate lunch around 12:40. I wasn’t all that hungry in between, just a little bothered.

For lunch I had Spinach Risotto. It was pretty good. I have discovered that paprika is really an awesome spice. It goes well with savory dishes but also adds a kick. I also had a salad with lettuce, carrot, beetroot, capsicum, lemon juice, white wine vinegar, parsley and black pepper. It wasn’t as tasty as my other salad for some reason, but it was still pretty tasty.

For supper I had carrot sushi along with some extra steamed green beans and raw cucumber. It was a very filling supper and quite delicious but I felt like I ate too much sushi. I believed I was still hungry so I ended up eating 2 of Rob’s pieces (I had 2 rolls, he had 5 minus my pieces). In addition, I ate some extra chopped carrot, green beans and cucumber. We made a spicy ginger sauce to dip the sushi in that was yummy as well.



I am concerned that dinner wasn’t a very MMD-friendly dinner. I think it would have been with just the sushi, but I question the “legality” of the sauce. I don’t think that dinner would make me gain weight in any way, but this MMD is supposed to make me lose weight by simplifying my diet and therefore making me want to eat less. More sauces and more delicious food makes me want to eat more. When eating tastier food, it is even more imperative that I watch my portions.

I have noticed that with this it is easiest if I simply measure out the food (rice) I am to eat. When I make more than I intend to eat, then I eat more than I intend to. That happened yesterday with the rice. That may have also happened at supper because there was extra food available and I wasn’t sure if I was full yet. At least eating extra carbohydrates won’t cause weight gain. However, like I said before, I am doing this to LOSE weight. I need to remember that. I am bad at exercising control when it comes to food. I like to eat. It is pleasurable. I don’t know how to not make it so pleasurable.

Day Seven (Sept. 14 2014):


Breakfast was an apple, some strawberries and the usual Quick Breakfast Risotto. For lunch I ate the rest of my lettuce as a salad that had carrot, beetroot, capsicum, black pepper, lemon juice, parsley and white wine vinegar on it. I also made a risotto with capsicum, green peas, parsley and black pepper. It was good. Supper was sushi (carrot) with leftover steamed carrot and broccoli.


I need to be careful of getting too creative with my dishes. Today’s lunch probably was too complex to be considered part of the MMD. I want to be creative, but I need to make sure to keep my meals simple as well. Veggies are important, and I am not going to get fat off veggies, but simpler flavors means I will eat less, which is that part that hits home in this whole diet.

Day Eight (Sept 15 2014):


For breakfast I had an apple bake. It contained the same ingredients as quick breakfast risotto with rice. For lunch I had green rice. This green rice contained onion, broccoli, green peas, black pepper and parsley. It was bland somehow yet flavorful enough to be satisfying. I think I used a little too much onion.

rice apple bake


I am missing the spirit of this diet, to eat healthily and simply; nonetheless I still think I am losing weight. I have noticed that my pants are fitting looser now than before— both my green shorts and my jeans.

I didn’t feel very full right after breakfast. After some time, I did start to feel fuller. One of the reasons that I believe that I didn’t feel as full after eating my apple-rice bake is because I ate it quicker than I normally eat my Quick Breakfast Risotto and apple. Normally I eat the apple slices slowly and try to eat the risotto slowly as well. It was not as easy to eat slowly because it was all together and the apple was already pre-baked. Another reason that could have led me to not be as full as quickly is because the majority of what I tasted today for breakfast was apple— the rice didn’t have much flavor. The main flavor for breakfast was the apple, which is also unlike most mornings. I normally have two separate components to my breakfast with the quick breakfast risotto— the apple and the rice. Today I combined them. Yet another reason could be that the apple, which normally contains lots of uncooked fiber and extra water and volume, was condensed because it was cooked. The apple has been raw every day before today.

I started to get hungry between 9 and 10 am, but I ignored it. I want to make sure I don’t overeat. It always seems like I get hungry really soon after breakfast, but it takes me a long time to work up an appetite for supper. I realize that I get hungry 1-2 hours after a meal, but if I ignore the hunger for long enough, it goes away. Hmm.

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