Mini Mary Diet Days 9-12

Day Nine (Sept 16 2014):


Breakfast was pineapple, strawberries and quick breakfast risotto. I was pretty hungry when I got up this morning. I got full in the middle of eating my risotto, but I kept on eating. I plan on only eating lunch when I am hungry.  Lunch was super simple; I just heated up some rice and peas and ate them, but it ended up being really satisfying and tasty.  For supper I had Spinach Risotto. I thought that this dish would have turned out tastier, but it was lacking flavor unfortunately.

quick breakfast risotto with strawberries and pineapple


Surprisingly enough, I remember my favorite dish being lunch today. This surprises me because it was so simple. There is something so delicious about eating simple. I need to remember that. Not everything needs to be extravagant. Sometimes the best things in life are the simple things. I know that a banana smoothie made with just bananas and water can be an extremely delicious meal.
Sometimes I get caught up in making things extravagant and adding spices and herbs that I am not able to appreciate how great things taste when they are by themselves.

I weighed myself after supper. I now weigh 63.3 kg. The last time I weighed myself I weighed 61. But I feel like I have lost weight. I also think I look like I have lost weight. The scale says otherwise.

Day Ten (Sept 17 2014):


I ate brunch around 11 am because I wasn’t hungry for breakfast. It was Quick Breakfast Risotto with pineapple. Rob and I ate an early dinner (we have a raw event at around 6:30) around 5 or so. Dinner is sweet carrot risotto and some broccoli. After supper was the raw food gathering.


For some reason I wasn’t very hungry today. I am not sure why.

I weighed myself today. Before I defecated I weighed 62 kg. After, I weighed 61.4. It doesn’t seem like I am losing weight, but I believe I look like I am losing weight. Because it is difficult to weigh myself every day (at the same time), I am going to focus on gauging success through measurements. I measured myself this morning and I plan on measuring myself every Wednesday. Hopefully I remember and hopefully it works out.

At the raw food gathering I basically ate everything. Most things were delicious; everything but the dish we brought was high fat. I am positive that I went over 10% of my daily calories with treat foods, however I am not going to let that bother me. For the last 10 days (or even more), I have had close to 100% of my food be good, whole foods. That is just a one-off thing that won’t happen very often.

Day Eleven (Sept 18 2014):


At breakfast I ate pineapple slices with Quick Breakfast Risotto, which was yummy and filling. I wasn’t as hungry as yesterday, but I feel like I did need something in the morning. Lunch was a salad (lettuce, beetroot, capsicum, carrot, lemon, white wine vinegar, parsley, black pepper, seed cheese and mung bean sprouts) and plain rice. Supper was the same salad as lunch and plain rice topped with spicy carrot topping.

rice with spicy kickin' carrots

Day Twelve (Sept 19 2014):


Breakfast was a sliced apple with chocolate breakfast risotto. It wasn’t as yummy as I remember the Quick Breakfast Risotto being, so I don’t think I will try to add carob to my rice again. It was enjoyable, but I like the other rice better.
Lunch was another salad like yesterday without the mung beans. It was really great this afternoon. Maybe the salad last night just needed some more vinegar…I do love my white wine vinegar. Along with the salad for lunch I had plain rice again. Not all that interesting, but it was filling, flavorful and satisfying. I didn’t eat supper tonight because I wasn’t hungry.


I like eating rice now. I think this MMD has been good for me because before this, I was afraid of starches. Now I am not so afraid of starches like rice and potatoes. I still think that legumes are a better staple, but I realize now that starches can be a filling, flavorful, cheap and healthy staple when you want them or need them to be. I think I have touched on this before, but I have also realized that simplicity is a good thing. It is good to be able to eat simple foods and enjoy them as well. It is beneficial to not need to always rely on spices and herbs to enjoy dishes but instead rely mostly on the natural flavors of the foods themselves.

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