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Mei Dragon Yellow Tea Bags, 30 ct




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I love this tea! It is very soothing and it seems to really help with headaches. This tea is amazing!


It seems to have traits from all sorts of teas. It has the color of an oolong, yet the smell of a black. Its taste is akin to black, but has the smooth sweetness and a low acidity of a white tea. It has a very smooth buttery finish, with a pleasant vegetal aftertaste.


Pure and clean flavor with slight notes of floral. This is a very calming tea and could be great for a small gathering or a soirée. The tea is very touchy with steep time.


Full-bodied, yet light. Nutty and buttery, yet vegetal. Floral, and earthy. It's a harmonious blend of opposites. Top 5 favorite teas. It's a tad expensive, but it's so fluffy and delicious that it's well worth it.

About our teas

Exotic Tea

Our tea isn't a run-of-the-mill tea found at your local supermarket. Our tea is special, exotic and unique. We are the only suppliers of yellow tea bags. The yellow tea leaves are sourced direct from the plantation to give you the most exclusive tea experience possible.

Longevity Tea

We know you care about your health. So do we. That's why our yellow tea leaves are combined with lemon, turmeric and black pepper. The lemon significantly boosts the antioxidants in your tea. Our pure turmeric powder and aromatic black pepper provide maximum anti-cancer benefits.

Quality Tea

Never worry about the taste of your tea. We only sell the freshest tea made with the highest quality ingredients. The rare yellow tea leaves are combined with freshly dried lemon zest, crushed red rose petals, pure turmeric powder and poignant ground black pepper.