Carob Cherub’s Philosophy

Carob Cherub is here to educate you about health. Not only will you be taught what you should eat a lot of and what you should only eat a little of, but why. I don’t want you to have to rely on me all the time to make diet and health decisions; I want you to gain the knowledge so you can manage your lifestyle by yourself. Utilizing the knowledge I provide you with, you can create a lifestyle and diet that fits your desires and needs best.

The majority of people don’t know what real healthy eating is. Too many people are roped into the latest fad of health, whether it be going gluten-free, putting coconut oil on everything or FODMAP dieting in order to make them healthier. We need to understand what promotes health and what demotes health in order to know what our body needs. We need to know the basics of how our bodies function in order to give it the best fuel it needs. The public needs to understand how big of an impact diet really has on their life. Diet affects mood, sexual performance and disease rates to name a few examples. It comes down to looking at the whole package. Everything in the body acts together, just like we cannot point just at vitamin C and say that is the vitamin that prevents illness or which element of a whole-foods plant-based diet makes it supreme. Is it the vitamins? Minerals? Fiber? Anti-oxidants? No! It is everything in combination. I want to be a clear voice about what healthy and unhealthy are based on reputable science.

I see so many people putting no thought into what they feed their bodies. People don’t care what effects milk  or high fructose corn syrup have on their bodies. Part of the reason this is tolerated is because it is the status quo. If you care about what you put into your body, you are automatically a “health junkie” or “picky” or “high-maintenance”.  Why is it acceptable to not eat fruits and vegetables on a regular basis but it’s unhealthy to eat just those foods? It is perfectly normal  in western society to eat white bread, cream cheese, steaks and chips everyday. How disastrous!  The body we are born with is the only body we are allotted in life. When we do not do our best to take care of it, it will fail us. No magic pill can be created to take away diseases or make us skinny as much as people may try. The true answer is changing what we fuel our bodies with. Individuals have become too accepting of taking daily medications and getting open heart surgeries just to survive. These things should not be taken lightly and would not be necessary if we treated our bodies the way they deserve to be treated.

I know from experience that importance on health cannot be forced. Information can not be accepted if the receiver is not willing to do so. But the reason that you are here is probably because you want to take control of your health and life. I want to help you make that into reality.

There is no perfect way to eat, but there are better and worse ways. If you want to improve your diet and lifestyle, I am here. You may not be thinking about taking the plunge into a full-fledged whole-foods plant-based lifestyle yet —that’s okay.  Or maybe you do want to quit animal products cold-turkey. Either way, the most important thing to focus on is continuous improvement.  The first step is recognizing the need to change. After all, most westerners are addicted to their diet (check out Eat to Live).  The problem needs to be admitted before steps can be taken to correct the problem. A huge barrier to this is that certain addictions are discriminated against. It is normal to be addicted to salt, sugar, fat, caffeine and milk but unacceptable to be addicted to marijuana, alcohol and cigarettes.

My goals for Carob Cherub are to:

  • Provide examples of what healthy eating is
  • Teach what a healthy diet consists of
  • Personally counsel individuals that have questions, problems and concerns about making changes to their diets
  • Demonstrate the proper mentality to have about diet and lifestyle
  • Give you tools to make more nutritious choices easier
  • Prove that eating healthy is delicious, fun and hassle-free
  • Encourage personal exploration of values and goals
  • Inspire you to make simple changes in your life that add up to large impacts

Visit my Health Consultations page to view the services I offer. If money is an issue for you, contact me anyways and we can figure something out together. A healthy lifestyle is not just for the privileged rich.  Anybody can attain it with the proper mindset, tools and guidance.