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Dear Reader,

There have been three signs leading me to conclude this issue of Carob Cherub Magazine should be in celebration of produce.

The first sign: Our friend has been working for a client whose backyard was overflowing with pumpkin. They were gracious enough to gift us one such large pumpkin. The pumpkin was a pleasant surprise and a welcome addition to our weekly produce.

The second sign: Our baby okra plant has grown its first fruit.

Many months ago, Rob and I bought a handful of seedlings in an attempt to grow produce. We chose a tomato, an okra, three kale and three rocket plants. While most of our seedlings haven’t survived, our trooper, the okra, as finally started fruiting.

We’ve only eaten two okra fruits so far, but more aren’t far behind.

The third sign: While at the supermarket on Monday, we discovered that large womboks – Asian cabbages – were on sale for just $3. That price was a steal for so much nutrition. So we purchased a very large wombok. As you’ll see in this issue (or if you follow @carobcherub on Instagram) we’ve been incorporating wombok into many of our meals this week.

Those are pretty clear signs to me.

The best way to celebrate fresh produce is with a recipe that incorporates a lot of it. This week’s feature recipe is Loaded Lasagna. Loaded Lasagna isn’t ordinary lasagna. Like this edition, it features many types of produce such as fresh herbs, vegetables, fruit and even some fungi! It’s a recipe I highly recommend and know you’ll enjoy eating.

Another way Carob Cherub is celebrating produce this week is with our Foodspiration. I chose foods that allows vegetables’ flavors to shine. It’s important to know and experience that vegetables aren’t a burden to eat. Rather, they’re a tasty addition to your diet that can provide much joy, so long as they’re correctly prepared.Sara Binde

Ready yourself to begin a magazine packed with delicious produce and amazing vitality!

In health,
Sara Binde

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Sara Binde

Sara is a health and nutrition coach. She advocates for a whole foods plant-based lifestyle and teaches the world how to achieve weight loss.