Quote for the Week on health and happiness

How often do you see healthy people that are unhappy? I don’t see grouchy, healthy people frequently at all. The majority of people who are healthy are cheerful. Healthy people who enjoy what they do see and experience the world differently than sick and miserable people.

One reason healthy people are glad is because their brain chemistry is balanced. The shocking number of depressed Americans partially derives from messed up brain chemistry. In order to be upbeat, we need the proper intake of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and carbohydrates. The standard American diet (SAD) is too low in vitamins and minerals. Most of these nutrients come from enriched breakfast cereals and other processed foods. The SAD consists of too many omega-6 fatty acids and too few omega-3 fatty acids. Americans are brainwashed into thinking that carbohydrates will make them sick and fat when the exact opposite is true. Carbohydrates fuel the brain and energize the body. No wonder Americans are depressed. I wouldn’t be very positive if I was constantly in need of food, my brain continually deprived.

Because a healthy body is fueled and energized, a healthy body also wants to expend energy. Healthy people don’t necessarily exercise but they are more active throughout the day. Healthy people don’t mind taking the stairs. Healthy people enjoy a walk after their dinners. Healthy people like swimming in the pool instead of sunbaking. Healthy people move. Being active releases chemicals in our brains (endorphins) that make us feel cheerful.

Yet another reason healthy people are generally more joyful is because they have better body image. When I was overweight, it was difficult for me to be satisfied  with myself when I had a fat everything. Fat face, fat stomach, fat thighs. I’m not saying that fat people need to be despondent. I am also not implying that individuals need to look perfect in order to feel good about their looks. What I am stating is that it is more difficult to be comfortable, confident and self-assured when you are constantly worrying about how you look.

I don’t have to feel ashamed about eating a banana or even 10 bananas. However, individuals can make themselves guilty over eating non-nutritious food such as dairy ice cream, fatty cakes and greasy fries. This guilt is yet another way unhealthy people make themselves miserable. They know they should eat the salad, the fruit, the whole grains. They know that the ice cream, cake and fries are not good for them. But they can’t stop eating them because subconsciously they are addicted to said foods.

Healthy people are able to feel good about what they put into their body. Healthy people care about what they put into their body. They place importance on themselves and what they do to their body. Healthy people understand how they feel is a result of their actions and decisions. Decide to be healthy. Decide to be happy.

  • Updated a couple of years ago
Sara Binde

Sara is a health and nutrition coach. She advocates for a whole foods plant-based lifestyle and teaches the world how to achieve weight loss.