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In modern society, it is considered odd to put one’s health before money, jobs and temporary enjoyment. Why is that? The only reason we as human beings are able to experience the joy from food, intimacy and ownership of items is because of our health. Without health we are nothing. Without health we cannot live. Health is our vitality and life; health allows us to experience the world around us and interact with it.

Is life pleasurable when you are ill? Of course not. Food isn’t as delicious, enjoyable activities don’t provide as much entertainment and pleasure from owning material items diminishes if we aren’t able to utilize them. This is one of the reasons I put health at the top of my priority list. I can appreciate everything much more now that I am healthy as chronic obesity and sickness don’t mar my experiences.

Modern society is too caught up in working to earn more money to buy more belongings. The majority of people have forgotten material objects don’t bring long term happiness. But health can. Health isn’t something that can be bought, rented or traded. One must work for health and there is a unique satisfaction one finds when one is healthy. Hopefully your job or possessions do not define who you are. Your personality, ethics and values define who you are. I don’t desire to define myself as a writer or owner of Carob Cherub; I wish to be defined as passionate and healthy. Not owner of a car or house but adventurous and pragmatic.

At the end of the day, health is one of the few necessities needed in order to survive. The fewer objects I require in order to live happily to easier it is to do just that. Having a list of material goods necessary for happiness decreases the amount of happiness you can have just as a woman with a checklist for a man will rarely find one. Health, food, clothing, shelter and a few other things are all I need in order to contently survive. All else are just cherries on top.

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Sara Binde

Sara is a health and nutrition coach. She advocates for a whole foods plant-based lifestyle and teaches the world how to achieve weight loss.