Quote for the Week on true health

This quote for the week is for all the teenagers and young-twenty somethings.

I’m talking to the 25-year-olds who enjoy their burgers and beers at the football games every weekend of every football season. I’m talking to the newly-turned 21-year-olds who get shwasted every weekend. I’m talking to the 19-year-olds eating pizza everyday at your college dining centers. I’m talking to the 16-year-olds who eat cookie dough for breakfast.

You are not healthy.

Yes, I am sure you feel great now. You’re young and skinny. You have time to get your act together. You are full of life and energy. You can stay out until 4 in the morning and wake up for your 10 am class.

You don’t have to worry about cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease or any other chronic illnesses until later, right?


Heart disease doesn’t appear out of the blue. You don’t become insulin resistant after eating that one doughnut that pushes you over the edge. Cancer tumors don’t grow to the size of peas overnight once you turn 60. You don’t go to bed one night weighing 150 pounds and wake up the next morning weighing 300 pounds.

Chronic diseases are not diseases that are contracted quickly. Not within a day, month or year. These are diseases that accumulate over decades.

So the burgers, beers, pizzas and cookie-dough breakfasts aren’t going to kill you now. They aren’t going to kill you tomorrow. But one day, they will probably kill you.

You may feel great now eating your greasy burgers, boozy beers, cheesy pizzas and sugary breakfasts. But in the end the feelings are temporary. Your diet will slowly catch up with you.

Hopefully you turn your life and health around before you wake up in the hospital after getting bypass surgery for a clogged artery. Hopefully.

You need to make the decision to make a change. Do your future self a favor by changing now.

  • Updated a couple of years ago
Sara Binde

Sara is a health and nutrition coach. She advocates for a whole foods plant-based lifestyle and teaches the world how to achieve weight loss.