What’s on my Thanksgiving Menu

I’m currently in Australia.

As a result, while all my friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and every other social media site jabber on and on about their Thanksgiving excitement and woes, I stand on the sidelines and observe.


Australians don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a North American holiday.

I’d be up to celebrate the American holiday abroad, it would be somewhat pointless.

Instead I’ll share my previous plant-based holiday experiences and recipes.

A year of firstsChristmas 2013

2013 was my first year of plant-based and vegan holidays. It sure made for interesting celebrations.

During my first vegan holiday, Easter, my family was concerned with what I would eat. Fortunately eating vegan isn’t difficult.

I ate a variety of baked goods, fruit and other foods that were slightly modified to fit my vegan diet. Holidays after that were more troublesome to accommodate for.

As my knowledge for veganism, health and nutrition increased, my diet morphed into a diet of a more health-conscious individual. White bread, refined sugar and processed food didn’t suit my fancy as much anymore. Nonetheless, I was still relatively inexperienced and pliable with my diet, so I did eat an unhealthy vegan diet at my next holiday, the Fourth of July.

My 2013 Thanksgiving an interesting experience. Not only was I vegan, but I also attempted to follow a raw diet at the time.

I did my best to create a raw Thanksgiving meal for myself to the best of my ability.I  prepared 3 recipes that were delicious and satisfying.

Mushroom Thanksgiving StuffingRaw Vegan Thanksgiving Stuffing

One dish I made was a Mushroom Stuffing.

Oh, was that flavorful.

I mixed together chopped mushrooms, celery, apples, cranberries, carrot, sunflower seeds and lemon juice with a variety of herbs. I was inspired by rawedible’s Raw Vegan Thanksgiving Stuffing.

You can either leave it raw by dehydrating the mixture as I did or bake it in the oven either at a low temperature or at a slightly elevated temperature to cook it faster. You could even cook the stuffing quicker in the dehydrator by cranking the temp on that device as well.

Waldorf SaladA waldorf salad was another addition to my menu

This was another satisfying addition to my Thanksgiving dinner.

Unfortunately, I didn’t save the recipe. I thought I would never use it again. Silly me.

However, I am able to remember the majority of the ingredients I put in the salad.

I definitely remember adding

  • apples
  • cranberries
  • lettuce
  • celery
  • walnuts

I also remember blending a zucchini for the base of my dressing instead of traditional mayonnaise.

I encourage you to experiment with the ingredients I have listed to prepare your own healthy vegan Waldorf Salad. All my recipe needs is a few added seasonings to make it delicious for your Thanksgiving meal.

Experiment with adding lemon juice and a few nuts to the zucchini for the dressing. Perhaps mix in a handful sliced grapes to the salad.

FullyRaw Pumpkin PieFullyRaw Kristina's Pumpkin Pie

The last recipe I made was FullyRaw Kristina’sPumpkin Pie.

This was actually my least favorite dish from my raw 2013 Thanksgiving. While the pie tasted pleasant enough to eat, the pie didn’t turn out as I hoped.

I didn’t have access to the proper ingredients and supplies in order to make it properly. Here are some of the problems that arose for when creating Kristina’s FullyRaw Pumpkin Pie:

  • No sugar pie pumpkin so I opted for a regular pumpkin
  • No access to fresh dates
  • No fresh dates= moisture level was thrown off by the extra liquid (both crust and pie filling)
  • No large food processor to make my pie crust
  • Blender is not powerful enough to blend the pumpkin pie, even more liquid needed to be added

For anybody who would encounter these problems, this pie recipe isn’t for you. You do need the proper ingredients and tools for the finished product to end up like Kristina’s

A hypothetical Thanksgiving dinner

What would I cook for a Thanksgiving meal this year? I would have this as my menu (all plant-based):

What’s on your Thanksgiving menu this year? I’d love for you to share in the comments below.

Happy Vegan Thanksgiving

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Sara Binde

Sara is a health and nutrition coach. She advocates for a whole foods plant-based lifestyle and teaches the world how to achieve weight loss.