The weight loss industry is growing. And so is America’s waistline.

Why is obesity still such a problem when the selection of weight loss products is huge?

Weight loss is a massive industry. It’s estimated that Americans spend $60 billion on weight loss products every year.

That number makes a lot of sense when you figure in the rush to lose weight every New Year. And the gorging on holiday food that happens the previous two months. And when you consider the fact that 69% of Americans are overweight. (35% are obese.)

Yes, the majority of the U.S. population is overweight.

It’s obvious America needs to slim down. Unfortunately, consumerism and capitalism get in the way.

The Weight Loss Industry

Why is obesity still such a problem when the selection of weight loss products is huge? There are too many ineffective weight loss products.

Instead of helping you become leaner and healthier, corporations are making money. Loads of it.

How many weight loss products can you name? 5? 10? More?

Each product works in a different way. Yet they’re all working to make money off of people who need to lose weight. Even worse, these people are usually desperate for a solution. (Disclosure: I also offer a weight loss product called The Beauty Body Plan.)

For the last 50 years we’ve been trying the same ideas over and over again. It’s the same quick fixes and unsustainable weight loss programs.

Slimfast and Advocare offer easy solutions to health and weight problems. You’re lead to think all you have to do is take their pill, supplement or powder to be skinny and energized. These easy fixes appeal to our desire for a magic solution. We created a mess that we don’t want to clean up. The “magic formula” does it for us.

Or so they claim.

Weight Watchers

Why is obesity still such a problem when the selection of weight loss products is huge? Weight watchers is a popular choice but many people still fail.

Other weight loss programs and diets are simply unsustainable. Weight Watchers is one of the better and most reputable weight loss programs out there. It’s also too expensive to stay on for life. The basic principles work to help you lose weight. But you become dependent on counting calories and support groups.

When you lose those components, you don’t know to make good food decisions. You have nobody to help manage frustrations, obstacles and temptation.

Weight Watchers makes weight loss into a game. It can be fun for those in the game. You compete with yourself and others to see how much weight you can lose and how little points you can eat. You’re rewarded with pats on the back from your support group when you discover you’ve lost 3 pounds.

The game must end sooner or later. And when it does, you’re left simply counting calories like almost every other diet out there.

So in the end, you end up losing the game, instead of losing weight.


Why is obesity still such a problem when the selection of weight loss products is huge? Nutrisystem is a popular choice but many people still fail.

Other weight loss programs take a different approach than Weight Watchers. Nutrisystem’s solution is to disconnect you from making and preparing healthy food. They decide what you eat and how often. They control your portion sizes and ingredients.

If you ever stop Nutrisystem, you’ll be in big trouble. You’ll have no idea how to prepare meals that are healthy. Or know how much food to eat.

The Paleo Diet

Why is obesity still such a problem when the selection of weight loss products is huge? The Paleo Diet is a popular diet but many people still fail to lose weight.

We can’t forget the paleo diet — the new popular re-branding of Atkins. It’s the most unsustainable of all. Literally. If you want an efficient way to destroy the planet, the paleo diet is your way.

The paleo diet is so restrictive that you’ll be craving foods left, right and center. That’s why so many diet followers end up having “cheat days.” These cheat days can turn into “cheat weeks.” Which can further lead to abandonment of the diet program altogether.

The original paleo diet calls for eating lean meat and non-starchy vegetables almost exclusively. No nuts, seeds, starchy vegetables, fruit, grains, beans, lentils or anything else of the sort. Say goodbye to apple pie and bacon. For the benefit of followers, paleo comes in many different flavorings. Paleo has turned into an industry itself. So much so that it’s difficult to keep up with what paleo even means today.

Getting off the merry-go-round

Why is obesity still such a problem when the selection of weight loss products is huge? We need to stop dieting and start changing our lifestyle.

How do you get off the weight loss merry-go-round? Crazy-rich companies have created programs that are impossible to quit. The programs that are supposed to help you lose weight instead suck every last penny from you. All while doing a poor job of ridding you of excess fat.

It’s fair to offer a service in exchange for money. That’s how the world works. However, weight loss programs, products and plans aren’t there just to help you. They’re there to make sure you’ll always need their help.

There are huge success stories with many of these weight loss products. Some do a good service to the world. Then there are many scams that obviously exist just for the money.

The problem with weight loss plans is that once you start them, you can’t stop. If you do, you’ll probably gain all of the weight back again. In fact, statistics say you’ll gain more weight back than you lost in the first place.

When you’re on a weight loss program, you have somebody else telling you what to do. What to eat, when to eat, how to work out. When you stop buying their products, you’re left feeling clueless as to how to make the weight loss stick.

It’s not that these diets don’t work. They do. The problem is that they generally aren’t made to work long-term.

You can’t keep eating 1,500 calories for your whole life. You go crazy from hunger. And because you know nothing else, you’ll revert back to the diet that made you gain weight in the first place.

Obesity isn’t the problem. Obesity is the symptom of a problem that needs to be addressed.

The Cause Of The Growing American Waistline

Why is obesity still such a problem when the selection of weight loss products is huge? We need to stop getting obese in the first place. Obesity is a symptom of a larger problem.

People are quick to claim that lack of exercise is causing the obesity epidemic.

Kids are exercising just as much as they did 50 years ago. The problem isn’t the exercise.

It’s the diet.

When you think about it, it’s makes sense. Greasy food from restaurants. Sugary soda. Salty processed snacks.

They’re transforming our nation into diseased, obese sufferers.

McDonald’s tempts you into their restaurants with promises of delicious food. They enchant kids with their Happy Meals. They’re easy. They’re fun.

And they’re destroying your health.

It’s not just fast food that’s the problem. It’s all restaurant food. It’s processed foods. It’s all of the food you don’t prepare in your kitchen.

How can we deny? Restaurant food and processed foods are delicious. They’re laden with salt, sugar and fat — also known as super-stimulants.


Why is obesity still such a problem when the selection of weight loss products is huge? Because they aren't solving the root problem: foods filled with added salt, sugar and fat.

We’re naturally drawn to foods high in salt, sugar and fat.

That’s how we used to distinguish foods that are nutritious and calorically dense. When we had to scrounge for food, these tastes guided us towards nutritional jackpots. These stimulants encouraged us to eat more nutritious foods.

But with modern technology we’re now able to extract salt, sugar and fat from their natural packages. Our taste for salt, sugar and fat helped us survive. Now they’re handcuffs that keep us addicted to obesity-causing foods.

Refined foods supercharged with salt, sugar and fat aren’t healthy. They’re only calorically dense. Our taste-buds are being mislead.

No food found in nature can compare to the sweet, salty or fatty foods we create today. Our modern food is unrecognizable from their former counterparts even several hundred years ago. There are many foods today that never even existed just a decade ago.

Most restaurant meals exceed daily recommendations for sodium. Foods fried in oil are everywhere. Added sugars are in every condiment and processed food imaginable — chocolate sauces, sweet and sour sauces, ketchup and ranch.

Salt, sugar and fat form the heavenly trio of flavors. They provide you with a satisfying flavor as cheaply as possible. Salt, sugar and fat overstimulate taste buds. They make you crave a second order of deep-fried curly fries. They make you want a side of sweet and sour sauce for dipping.

Our bodies have been hijacked. We’re now addicted to the super-stimulants in restaurant food and processed foods. Our addictions to salt, sugar and fat have taken over our bodies. They’ve taken over our ability to think clearly.

The combination of food advertisements, tricky packaging, misleading information and addiction has caused Americans to disregard their health. Instead we feed our socially-acceptable addictions.

We hold tasty food more important than health. We value eating another slice of pumpkin pie more than seeing our great grandchildren grow up.

We truly are sick.

Stop Eating Junk

Why is obesity still such a problem when the selection of weight loss products is huge? We need to stop eating junk food. Start eating healthy and change your lifestyle.

We need top eating junk.

McDonald’s burgers. Poptarts. Coca-Cola. Oreos. They’re all junk. We need to give them up in order to be healthy.

We need to start cooking for ourselves.

What happened to having a sit-down dinner at home every night? Even when we do cook at home, we’re disjointed. We take out a box of Hamburger Helper and a pound of ground beef. We then it a “homemade meal.” We eat in front of our computers and televisions.

That’s not what homemade meals used to be. It’s not what they should be.

Cooking at home means cooking real food. It means using herbs and spices. It means actually sitting down and enjoying your meals. And by enjoying your meals you can enjoy your life.

A life with abundant energy. A life where you’re not suffering from illness.

This is what I offer through my Beauty Body Plan:

  • real, healthy food
  • information
  • a lifelong lifestyle

It’s not another diet. It’s not a dependency creating merry-go-round.

We have to stop the cycle. It’s the only way to shrink the growing American waistline. It’s the only way to slash the profits of processed food companies. And by shrinking our waistlines, we’ll shrink the weight loss industry.

We must stop getting obese in the first place. We must fix the cause of the problem, not just the symptom.

The weight loss industry is growing. And so is America's waistline. ~ Carob Cherub | Why is obesity still such a problem when the selection of weight loss products is huge? Why America is still fat (and getting fatter) and why we need to stop using weight loss products to lose weight.
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