Why Eating Home Cooked Meals is Healthier Than Dining Out (Guest Post)

Your guest writer today, Amanda Wilks, is talking about why eating home cooked meals is healthier than eating out. Eating out is tempting, but I hope you’re also tempted by her reasons to cook at home. I sure am!

There’s a painful, unending appeal to eating outside of the house. Average lives involve more work, travel and stress than most might consider healthy. The idea of spending our free time preparing meals at home has lost its luster over the past decades.

At the same time, counteracting our sedentary lifestyles with healthy food is approaching is essential. It’s no secret that we’re tempted to eat out or order in. However, it’s important to note that home-cooked meals improve health, according to a 2017 study. They promote the consumption of more fresh produce healthier weights.

The Advantages

All in all, preparing food yourself comes with many benefits. These pertains to areas such as health, budget, and time management. If you are looking for arguments, here are five of the most notable advantages of cooking meals at home.

Homemade Food Is More Nutritious

To no one’s surprise, eating out involves consuming lots of fatty, oily or sugary foods. These foods aren’t ideal for our waistlines. Portion control at popular restaurants is nearly non-existent. Furthermore, trying to eat a healthy amount of nutrition-dense food at a buffet establishment is nearly a fool’s errand.

Truly consider how unhealthy restaurant meals can be. Home cooking opens up the door to learning proper portion sizes of food. If you eat out constantly, you’ll learn to think you’re unable to lose weight. You’d be surprised how many weight issues can be solved by preparing your own dishes.

Homemade Meals Save Money

Restaurants don’t price their dishes to cover the cost of the raw ingredients. They pay operating costs, salaries, insurance, advertising and a myriad of other expenses. What you order at a restaurant can be made at home for a fraction of the cost. 

Naturally, there are a few barriers of entry when it comes to home cooking. And yet, establishing a functional kitchen requires a handful of tools and knowledge of how to use them. Having a few pots and pans will get you going.

However, knowing how to choose your cookware can help cut down on cooking and prep times. This will make your home cooking investment quicker, as well as cheaper. When you think of it this way, going to the restaurant seems pointless.

Food Safety Is in Your Hands

Restaurant-level breakouts of salmonella and e. coli are both unfortunate and entirely avoidable. Still, there’s a case of human oversight looming when it comes to the threat of you or your family members contracting an avoidable illness.

Taking meal prep into your own hands removes many food safety concerns. This is made possible by always being sure you’ve heated foods properly. Keeping raw meats and vegetables on separate cutting boards is also essential. Finally, you can remember to wash your hands thoroughly through every step of the cooking process

Ruth Frechman of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics points out that food prepared at home can be kept safely for several days. What’s more, it can even be cooked ahead of time to be eaten through the week. Keep in mind this is only possible as long as you follow the proper preparation and storage techniques

You’ll Save Time

At first, it sounds counter-intuitive to stop eating out and instead put your nose to the grindstone. But this prospect isn’t outlandish. Stock your home with diverse, batch-friendly food that’s easy to prepare. This way, you won’t be tempted to “save time” by swinging by the drive-through after work.

Freezer-safe and slow-cooker meals are two methods to save time with cooking. Freezing partially cooked or easily reheated courses means you’ll never be caught without a meal to eat after work. Slow-cookers allow you to toss ingredients in a pot and set them to cook throughout the day. In the evening, you come home to the fruits of your labor with minimum fuss.

Food Additives Are More Transparent

Food preservation and the advances that came with it are certainly something to be thankful for. Unfortunately, processed foods can contain  plenty of additives that can aggravate health issues. Their effects can lead to irregular blood pressure or an increased chance of developing cancer.

Overall, cooking with your own ingredients means you have control over what you eat. This removes the biggest risks of consuming foods you didn’t even know you were ingesting. You’ll feel and look better as a consequence.  

Some nights, you will still feel like letting someone else do the cooking. Even so, adjusting your body’s cravings for healthy food instead of fatty fast food has more benefits that the size of your waistline. After all, bringing the family together over a home-cooked meal is worth the time.

About the Author

Amanda Wilks is a writer, contributing author at TheKitchenAdvisor.com, and cooking enthusiast. She enjoys writing about nutrition, healthy eating, and cooking methods. Through her writings, she hopes to inspire others to make smart choices regarding their own diet. Learn more about Amanda on Twitter.

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